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Last Day of Pocket Parks

IMG_2649-1So on my last day of my park adventures, I decided to go to a well know urban Denver Park, One that I have never went to Washington Park located at S Downing St & E Louisiana Ave. I must say I now know why it is one of Denver’s post popular parks.
Washington Park is a huge park, Its 161 acres that include two lakes, two flower gardens, one of which is a replica of George Washington’s gardens at Mount Vernon. The flowers were not in bloom yet because its early spring, but I can’t wait to go back when they are.
So it was a beautiful Sunday 60-degree afternoon in Denver as I expected that park was very busy, by far the busiest park I have been to this week. People were rollerblading, walking strollers, walking dogs and even fishing at the park. Which makes this a great park to sit down and enjoy the sunshine and people watch.
Washington Park has a ton to offer. The park has many tennis courts, volleyball area, basketball court; large picnic area that includes coal grills, a paved path that loops this beautiful Denver Park. This is the best park for biking that I have seen this week,because of the paved path and loop around the park.
IMG_3999Washington Park also has a recreation center with an indoor pool and other activities. Washington Park offers many activities, which you can check out on the Washington Park Blog along with other news about the park.
Washington Park is a great park for just about anyone and anything. Great park to meet new friends and enjoy a great park in your city. So make sure to check it out this coming spring and summer. Don’t forget to bring your dog, this is a perfect park to meet new doggy friends, with its long paved path and abundance of people and pets.
This was perfect ending to my pocket park adventures. I enjoyed the spacious and beautiful scenery of Washington Park that was shadowed by Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

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I hope you enjoyed my Pocket Park adventures, learned something you didn’t know about your city. Most of all I hope you guys go visit these awesome parks sunny Denver has to offer.

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Pocket Parks Day 6

On my 6th day of my park adventures I went to Judge Joseph Cook Park located at 7100 Cherry Creek Dr S, in Denver. I looked for something relatively close to my home that me, and my dog Mac could visit. Cooks part is definitely a beautiful community park in the Denver area.20160319_172512_resized

I love that this park close to my home ,also  that it s a part of Denver history. This park was named after Judge Joseph E. Cook, Who came to Denver and was a reporter for the rocky mountain news. Then he attended the Westminster law school and become a one of Colorado’s most remembered attorneys.

One thing that Cook Park has to offer that none of my previous parks had is a Recreation center, with an outdoor pool, an indoor pool and may other activities. They also offer swimming classes, which you can see times and availability on their website. They also offer other classes that vary from cribbage to even yoga, which I am definitely going to check out.


Along with that the park was beautiful and very well maintained. Cook park is full of trees and beautiful shrubs, that looked beautiful with the snow that was left from the previous day. The walking path was great also. The path went all through the park with very scenic views and very quiet for the busy neighborhood that park is in.

Great Park to bring your pups or kiddos, Great big open areas for games of fetch or to just let your dog run wild. Very updated and clean play area for the kiddos. Also out of all the parks I have been to this week this one by far has the most picnic tables!

Overall this park has a lot to offer for a smaller neighborhood park. I loved how clean and earthy Cook Park feels. If you love in the cherry creek or Lowry neighborhood this is a must go to convenient park!

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Pocket Parks Day 5

So on my fifth day of park searching I found Overland pond located at 955 W Florida Ave, Denver Co 80223. Which is just south of the Denver industrial area and along the South plate river. The park used to be a site of old gravel pits, which was used to surface most of Denver’s streets.


So with Denver’s snowy march weather,I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked, but wow this park is a hidden gem. First when I drove by I thought it was a golf course because of the size of the park and the openness and beautiful trees. Funny thought because there is a overland golf course. The snow made it look like a winter wonderland tucked away in south of a busy city.

Along with that there is a pond for fishing and the river . So bring your poles, I heard the fishing is great at overland its know to be a stocked pond. The area around the pond is so well maintained. The banks around the pound are full of Blue Grama (Colorado’s state grass) I read on one of the parks little nature informative signs. There’s also a picnic table right by the pond, so don’t forget your lunch either.

Also there are many different walking trails, with beautiful scenery that goes along the river. The park is part of the South Platte River getaway. Which is a trail that starts north at the Riverside cemetery and goes all the way to the great frontier park all along the Platte River. Along with the main trail there are many little trails that branch off and are also bike friendly!IMG_3240

Overland Pond park was extremely different then my previous parks. Overall I was extremely impressed with Overland Pond Park! It was surreal how the park at such a nature vibe in such a busy part of the city. So if your looking to get away and ride your bike through a beautiful piece of Denver or just want to catch some fish in your back yard and soak up wildlife and nature this is the park for you!

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Pocket parks Day 4

So on day four of my park adventures I decided to just Google maps a park in whatever location I was in, when I had time. So I never really get to travel to west Denver. I had an errand to run. When I was done with my errand I goggled to the nearest park and I found Coronado Park located at 8051 W. Nichols Ave., Littleton, CO 80128.IMG_3213

I didn’t know what to expect because as I was driving to the park I ended up going through neighborhood, after neighborhood streets. Well I ended up at a beautiful little hidden park.

This park has a lot to offer for a little park, Great open fields, which makes it a  great park to bring your dogs, which is always a must for me. The best part of these open fields is they are not by any roads or streets. The fields offer much more safety then the parks I visited earlier this week in my other posts.

Also it has a very updated basketball court. The concrete looks brand new, and the court paint is perfect. Also Coronado Park has two tennis courts.

IMG_3178-1If you are planning to picnic, be prepared there is only one picnic table. Although when I went to the park this afternoon there was not a single soul at the park. The picnic table is also covered its covered and has an amazing view of the foothills and Rockies. Which is located right by the playground for children, which is very updated. Don’t worry if the picnic area is in use, make sure you pack a blanket because there is so much grass space with gorgeous views.

Coronado Park offers a little path that twines off into the neighborhoods surrounding it. Which is perfect for an afternoon walk, especially with the view of the Rockies the park has.

This park may not have had the history of the other parks I visited, or the same amount of activities to offer, but if you’re looking for a quiet and safe neighborhood park in Southwest Denver this is a perfect park for you!

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Pocket Parks Day 3

20160315_172720_resized_3So on day three of my park seeking adventures I stumbled across a beautiful Green Get away Called George M. Wallace Park located at8501 E Belleview
Ave Denver, CO 80237 tucked into the beautiful DTC area. Which was named after the man was known as the founder of the Denver Technological Center, was known for his vision and creativity. Wallace Played a huge role in the early innovation of moving business out of just downtown, check his story on this  DTC website.

Now lets get to this beautiful Oasis of a park. So far out of my park adventures this has been the greenest, with the prettiest trees, and shrubs. Also the view of the DTC skyline makes it seem like it’s a hidden jewel in the city.

So there are no designated attributes for sports, or a playground like my previous parks. Although Wallace Park has huge open fields, and is very hilly for a park. When chatting with a local that was walking one of the trails he said “ This is a great park for sledding when Denver has snow”. There are many hills and it would be the perfect place for sledding with out having to travel far especially.


This park is also perfect for exercise or just a nice evening walk. There are two paths, short path or a longer path. I walked the longer one and it ended up being 1.26 miles round trip. Which was beautiful path and exposed all the parks beauty.

The park offers picnic tables that are spread out, so you don’t feel like you need to share your food with the neighboring picnic tables.

This park is a perfect place to bring your dogs! Along the path I saw at least 3 Clean up stations for dogs. The park has so many open areas to let your dog lose that are far away from busy roads!

Overall this park is awesome! I will defiantly be coming back with my dog. I was surprised how quiet it was, but amazed by its beauty!

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Pocket Parks Day 2

So on my second day of park scouting in Denver, I found Observatory Park Located 2930 E Warren Ave. The name drew me in and of courser the location, which is in a beautiful neighborhood by the image2.JPGUniversity of Denver.

First things first! There is an actual Observatory in the park. The Chamberlin Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and used by the University of Denver. The Chamberlin Observatory was built in 1890, making it a beautiful Denver landmark.

Although The Chamberlin Observatory is mainly used By the University of Denver staff and students, there is an event there called public nights, which is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8:30. Which Denver Astronomical Society hosts, they have hosted Public Nights for over 60 years. They started this tradition on August 1, 1894.

Public night consists of an informative lecture, then a chance to view telescopic views of the skies, which include things from stars to even nebulas. Also you can indulge in this starry experience for a whopping 4 dollars! Just make sure you make your reservation ahead of time on their website.

Okay now to the Park attributes. One of my favorite things about the park was the beautiful trees and shrubs that fill the park. Which gave the park a very green feel in this early of the spring. Also picnic area was surrounded by big beautiful pine tree, giving it shade and a very earthy feeling.

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Great place to bring your kids, Observatory Park has a very updated playground with tons of activities for the little ones, which is also very close to the picnic area. Making it a great place for families to have a picnic and let their children play.

Although Observatory Park is not as sports driven as the first park I visited, the park offers a small basketball area, two tennis courts and a soccer field.

IMG_3137.JPGAlong with a beautiful walking path through the park. As leaving the park I noticed a sign by a tree that I have never seen before, it was “Please do not Disturb “ for a honeybees hive, until its relocated. Which I thought was so nifty, that the City of Denver is the concerned about our endangered species.

Overall I am so glad I chose this beautiful Denver Park, and I will definitely have to check out the public night at the Chamberlin Observatory.

Denver Pocket Parks Day 1

Living in the beautiful city of Denver and especially with this wonderful march weather, I decided to explore some parks! So for the next seven days I will be seeking out the best parks in Denver! Checking out all the of the parks best attributes! So stay tuned.

My first park was the Rosamond Park in DTC located at 8051 E Quincy Ave, Denver, CO 80237, which is a beautiful neighborhood park. Rosamond Park has more to offer than the average outdoor park. Especially when it comes to outdoor sports. Rosamond Park offers 2 soccer fields, 2 football fields, and 2 softball fields, 4 tennis courts, and 1 lacrosse field. Which are maintained very well.

Rosamond is a perfect park for any outdoor enthusiast. The park has great walking paths that run all throughout the park you will encounter people from all stages of life. There are the retirees that take their daily walks, then the daily joggers jogging the path. Also goldsmith gulch creek runs through the park, it makes it a beautiful place to soak in the scenery and get exercise.

Also, you can’t go wrong picnicking at Rosamond; they boast two well maintained picnic areas that are relatively quiet for being in the busy DTC area. Also they have beautiful views of the DTC neighborhood and Rockies. If you work in the DTC area this would be the perfect place for a lunch break.

Last but not least; it’s a great place to bring your do! I brought my Boston terrier named mac. We had a blast. There are huge open areas to play fetch. Also away from the busy road, which gives over protective dog parents like myself a piece of mind.

So overall, I would recommend Rosamond Park to anyone looking for a park that has somewhere to picnic, play almost any sport, or just walk a beautiful trail, you should defiantly visit.

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Last Sundays Nuggets overtime victory thriller

Travel the World through Photographs





A photograph is a picture made using a camera, Pictures are simply mirror images of what the artist sees or envisions, pretty basic stuff. As a person with ability to view photographs it means a lot more to me then that simple definition. Photographs do many things, they tell stories, they capture memories, they bring truth, and they educate humans. Photographs are even more accessible then ever with modern technology. We don’t have to just wait around for photos to be published in hard print media publications, or in galleries, or even on television.

Technology allows us to share pictures within in seconds, with whoever we chose. Also we can almost search for any photo we desire with the internet search engines. The possibilities are endless and its amazing for photography lovers like myself. With technology ever changing the way receive information especially news, with that it brings great innovated ways to share more creatively and conveniently. Blogs can be a great outlet for this. One of my favorites when it comes to photographs telling expiernces and stories is a blog is called “Stuck in Customs” by Trey Ratcliff. Which is a blog filled promently with photographs of his travels all around the world, which has become the number 1# travel blog.

In Trey Radcliff’s Blog he shares photos of his traveling’s across the world, that is full of beautiful images that capture the place he is currently exploring. Trey promises one photo a day, a photo with a story about nature, culture, or architectural. He always delivers with outstanding pictures that leave me in utter amazement. For example, is blog post on Mount Everest Ascending Mount Aspiring not only did this photograph tell a story, it justified the story about the worlds highest mountain. As many know the dangers of climbers that try and climb Mount Everest. Although his photograph can tell the story in a more imagine and conforming fashion. The photograph shows how cold and trechous the mountain is, also it shows the beauty reaching the top. Which most of society will never get the chance of experiencing, which makes this photo especially important.

I highly recommend for you to go check out “Stuck in Customs”. When you do you’ll be able to explore parts of the world from your chair at home. The photographs within in the blog will tell you stories and share feelings from miles away. Trey Radcliff’s Photographs are not only beautiful but inspiring! Maybe because he has really cool cameras and gets to travel. Although I think it’s a talent that come from appreciation of things he did not have.

“I grew up blind in one eye and this might have changed the way I view the world. I don’t know. It’s hard to be objective about the way one’s brain was wired. My background is in computer science and math, so I bring an algorithm-like process to capturing the scene in such a way that it evokes memories in a palpable manner. Whatever that means. My promise to you: One New Photo Every Day. Probably.” –Trey Radcliff


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