As I aspire to start my own blog, the most confusing and troubling part for me is narrowing down a beat to write about consistently. I feel the topics I would like to cover are so different and abstract, that I would not gain readers or even lose readers I gained quickly. When your whole life you had to usually write on an assigned topic, and  like me whatever I wanted to write in my journal, which I should probably never share with the public, especially the internet. So however does a new blogger decide what to write about?

In Felix Salmons Blog Notes on blogging for journalists. In his notes Felix goes over what to blog.  He said he blogs mostly about financial journalism because that was his niche and expertise, also blogging about his expertise would also advertise his strengths. I understand that being passionate about what you write in your blog is key in being a successful blogger. So my question is what if you are new to the journalistic writing and blogging world. Also are interested in many subjects and haven’t found your niche yet?  Would it be better to right about multiple subjects and see where you get the best feedback? Or narrow down to one and run with it. With not being very familiar with blogging,  It can be concerning  that blog topics may be to abstract.  For example if one were to  talk about sexism in the work place on one post, then the next post being on how your fantasy football team did that week , could be very distracting for your followers.

Further more Felix also says in his blog “Don’t censor yourself” I think that’s the most exciting thing about blogs!Rather then filtered Media, there is not middle man telling you what you can write about or cant write. This is one of the greatest aspects of blogging. As writers we always like to exercise our freedom of speech, and now we can in a community of writers. Raw articles make society think, if there were more opinion articles being read, and that could result in more thinkers being inspired.

As I was reading through my peer’s blog posts, I cam across an excellent point that may help narrow down blogging subjects when you are first venturing into your journalistic blogging. The point brought up by Daniel Miller is reminding us that any one can have blogs. Also in his post The True Meaning of, “Freedom of press he mentions that blogs are the most free, and  most unfiltered form of journalism. So remember that anyone can write about any subject.Therefor creating  an audience that  wants to read about subject that you have a real view on, and can be very detailed and back up the truthfulness of your point. Also that people will seek out for what topics they want unfiltered news on. Which could lead them to your Blog, and possibly to read more then one most. Therefor start blogging about stuff that you can add a real value to with educated opinions, and valuable information.