Living in the beautiful city of Denver and especially with this wonderful march weather, I decided to explore some parks! So for the next seven days I will be seeking out the best parks in Denver! Checking out all the of the parks best attributes! So stay tuned.

My first park was the Rosamond Park in DTC located at 8051 E Quincy Ave, Denver, CO 80237, which is a beautiful neighborhood park. Rosamond Park has more to offer than the average outdoor park. Especially when it comes to outdoor sports. Rosamond Park offers 2 soccer fields, 2 football fields, and 2 softball fields, 4 tennis courts, and 1 lacrosse field. Which are maintained very well.

Rosamond is a perfect park for any outdoor enthusiast. The park has great walking paths that run all throughout the park you will encounter people from all stages of life. There are the retirees that take their daily walks, then the daily joggers jogging the path. Also goldsmith gulch creek runs through the park, it makes it a beautiful place to soak in the scenery and get exercise.

Also, you can’t go wrong picnicking at Rosamond; they boast two well maintained picnic areas that are relatively quiet for being in the busy DTC area. Also they have beautiful views of the DTC neighborhood and Rockies. If you work in the DTC area this would be the perfect place for a lunch break.

Last but not least; it’s a great place to bring your do! I brought my Boston terrier named mac. We had a blast. There are huge open areas to play fetch. Also away from the busy road, which gives over protective dog parents like myself a piece of mind.

So overall, I would recommend Rosamond Park to anyone looking for a park that has somewhere to picnic, play almost any sport, or just walk a beautiful trail, you should defiantly visit.

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