So on day four of my park adventures I decided to just Google maps a park in whatever location I was in, when I had time. So I never really get to travel to west Denver. I had an errand to run. When I was done with my errand I goggled to the nearest park and I found Coronado Park located at 8051 W. Nichols Ave., Littleton, CO 80128.IMG_3213

I didn’t know what to expect because as I was driving to the park I ended up going through neighborhood, after neighborhood streets. Well I ended up at a beautiful little hidden park.

This park has a lot to offer for a little park, Great open fields, which makes it a  great park to bring your dogs, which is always a must for me. The best part of these open fields is they are not by any roads or streets. The fields offer much more safety then the parks I visited earlier this week in my other posts.

Also it has a very updated basketball court. The concrete looks brand new, and the court paint is perfect. Also Coronado Park has two tennis courts.

IMG_3178-1If you are planning to picnic, be prepared there is only one picnic table. Although when I went to the park this afternoon there was not a single soul at the park. The picnic table is also covered its covered and has an amazing view of the foothills and Rockies. Which is located right by the playground for children, which is very updated. Don’t worry if the picnic area is in use, make sure you pack a blanket because there is so much grass space with gorgeous views.

Coronado Park offers a little path that twines off into the neighborhoods surrounding it. Which is perfect for an afternoon walk, especially with the view of the Rockies the park has.

This park may not have had the history of the other parks I visited, or the same amount of activities to offer, but if you’re looking for a quiet and safe neighborhood park in Southwest Denver this is a perfect park for you!

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