So on my second day of park scouting in Denver, I found Observatory Park Located 2930 E Warren Ave. The name drew me in and of courser the location, which is in a beautiful neighborhood by the image2.JPGUniversity of Denver.

First things first! There is an actual Observatory in the park. The Chamberlin Observatory is an astronomical observatory owned and used by the University of Denver. The Chamberlin Observatory was built in 1890, making it a beautiful Denver landmark.

Although The Chamberlin Observatory is mainly used By the University of Denver staff and students, there is an event there called public nights, which is held on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8:30. Which Denver Astronomical Society hosts, they have hosted Public Nights for over 60 years. They started this tradition on August 1, 1894.

Public night consists of an informative lecture, then a chance to view telescopic views of the skies, which include things from stars to even nebulas. Also you can indulge in this starry experience for a whopping 4 dollars! Just make sure you make your reservation ahead of time on their website.

Okay now to the Park attributes. One of my favorite things about the park was the beautiful trees and shrubs that fill the park. Which gave the park a very green feel in this early of the spring. Also picnic area was surrounded by big beautiful pine tree, giving it shade and a very earthy feeling.

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Great place to bring your kids, Observatory Park has a very updated playground with tons of activities for the little ones, which is also very close to the picnic area. Making it a great place for families to have a picnic and let their children play.

Although Observatory Park is not as sports driven as the first park I visited, the park offers a small basketball area, two tennis courts and a soccer field.

IMG_3137.JPGAlong with a beautiful walking path through the park. As leaving the park I noticed a sign by a tree that I have never seen before, it was “Please do not Disturb “ for a honeybees hive, until its relocated. Which I thought was so nifty, that the City of Denver is the concerned about our endangered species.

Overall I am so glad I chose this beautiful Denver Park, and I will definitely have to check out the public night at the Chamberlin Observatory.