20160315_172720_resized_3So on day three of my park seeking adventures I stumbled across a beautiful Green Get away Called George M. Wallace Park located at8501 E Belleview
Ave Denver, CO 80237 tucked into the beautiful DTC area. Which was named after the man was known as the founder of the Denver Technological Center, was known for his vision and creativity. Wallace Played a huge role in the early innovation of moving business out of just downtown, check his story on this  DTC website.

Now lets get to this beautiful Oasis of a park. So far out of my park adventures this has been the greenest, with the prettiest trees, and shrubs. Also the view of the DTC skyline makes it seem like it’s a hidden jewel in the city.

So there are no designated attributes for sports, or a playground like my previous parks. Although Wallace Park has huge open fields, and is very hilly for a park. When chatting with a local that was walking one of the trails he said “ This is a great park for sledding when Denver has snow”. There are many hills and it would be the perfect place for sledding with out having to travel far especially.


This park is also perfect for exercise or just a nice evening walk. There are two paths, short path or a longer path. I walked the longer one and it ended up being 1.26 miles round trip. Which was beautiful path and exposed all the parks beauty.

The park offers picnic tables that are spread out, so you don’t feel like you need to share your food with the neighboring picnic tables.

This park is a perfect place to bring your dogs! Along the path I saw at least 3 Clean up stations for dogs. The park has so many open areas to let your dog lose that are far away from busy roads!

Overall this park is awesome! I will defiantly be coming back with my dog. I was surprised how quiet it was, but amazed by its beauty!

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