So on my fifth day of park searching I found Overland pond located at 955 W Florida Ave, Denver Co 80223. Which is just south of the Denver industrial area and along the South plate river. The park used to be a site of old gravel pits, which was used to surface most of Denver’s streets.


So with Denver’s snowy march weather,I didn’t get to explore as much as I would have liked, but wow this park is a hidden gem. First when I drove by I thought it was a golf course because of the size of the park and the openness and beautiful trees. Funny thought because there is a overland golf course. The snow made it look like a winter wonderland tucked away in south of a busy city.

Along with that there is a pond for fishing and the river . So bring your poles, I heard the fishing is great at overland its know to be a stocked pond. The area around the pond is so well maintained. The banks around the pound are full of Blue Grama (Colorado’s state grass) I read on one of the parks little nature informative signs. There’s also a picnic table right by the pond, so don’t forget your lunch either.

Also there are many different walking trails, with beautiful scenery that goes along the river. The park is part of the South Platte River getaway. Which is a trail that starts north at the Riverside cemetery and goes all the way to the great frontier park all along the Platte River. Along with the main trail there are many little trails that branch off and are also bike friendly!IMG_3240

Overland Pond park was extremely different then my previous parks. Overall I was extremely impressed with Overland Pond Park! It was surreal how the park at such a nature vibe in such a busy part of the city. So if your looking to get away and ride your bike through a beautiful piece of Denver or just want to catch some fish in your back yard and soak up wildlife and nature this is the park for you!

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