A photograph is a picture made using a camera, Pictures are simply mirror images of what the artist sees or envisions, pretty basic stuff. As a person with ability to view photographs it means a lot more to me then that simple definition. Photographs do many things, they tell stories, they capture memories, they bring truth, and they educate humans. Photographs are even more accessible then ever with modern technology. We don’t have to just wait around for photos to be published in hard print media publications, or in galleries, or even on television.

Technology allows us to share pictures within in seconds, with whoever we chose. Also we can almost search for any photo we desire with the internet search engines. The possibilities are endless and its amazing for photography lovers like myself. With technology ever changing the way receive information especially news, with that it brings great innovated ways to share more creatively and conveniently. Blogs can be a great outlet for this. One of my favorites when it comes to photographs telling expiernces and stories is a blog is called “Stuck in Customs” by Trey Ratcliff. Which is a blog filled promently with photographs of his travels all around the world, which has become the number 1# travel blog.

In Trey Radcliff’s Blog he shares photos of his traveling’s across the world, that is full of beautiful images that capture the place he is currently exploring. Trey promises one photo a day, a photo with a story about nature, culture, or architectural. He always delivers with outstanding pictures that leave me in utter amazement. For example, is blog post on Mount Everest Ascending Mount Aspiring not only did this photograph tell a story, it justified the story about the worlds highest mountain. As many know the dangers of climbers that try and climb Mount Everest. Although his photograph can tell the story in a more imagine and conforming fashion. The photograph shows how cold and trechous the mountain is, also it shows the beauty reaching the top. Which most of society will never get the chance of experiencing, which makes this photo especially important.

I highly recommend for you to go check out “Stuck in Customs”. When you do you’ll be able to explore parts of the world from your chair at home. The photographs within in the blog will tell you stories and share feelings from miles away. Trey Radcliff’s Photographs are not only beautiful but inspiring! Maybe because he has really cool cameras and gets to travel. Although I think it’s a talent that come from appreciation of things he did not have.

“I grew up blind in one eye and this might have changed the way I view the world. I don’t know. It’s hard to be objective about the way one’s brain was wired. My background is in computer science and math, so I bring an algorithm-like process to capturing the scene in such a way that it evokes memories in a palpable manner. Whatever that means. My promise to you: One New Photo Every Day. Probably.” –Trey Radcliff